Curated articles for you to peruse. 

March 20th:

“The Apatow-Mumblecore connection”-Slate

“Annie Leibovitz’s Ghosts”-New Yorker Culture Desk

“The History of Alcoholism on TV: From Comedy to Empathy”-The Atlantic

March 19th:

Young Earnest Hemmingway by Nathan Heller-Slate

The art of designing memorials-Los Angeles Times

The future of publishing-The Daily Beast

March 16th:

“Why Finish TV Shows?” by June Thomas (Slate)

“TV’s Black Sitcom Problem”-Salon

“Art Museum Giving It the Old College Try”-NY Times 

December 14th:

Would you pay extra to live in John Updike’s house?

TV-The new vehicle for literary adaptation

The Daily Beast’s Holiday Book Gift Guide

November 29th:

“Who will be the next great actor-director combo?”

Salon tells you why you should support your local indie bookstore

The future of urban design

November 17th:

Has food writing reached a “choke point”?

Brooklyn bishop seeks to ban the  ‘Fire in My Belly’ video exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum

November 7th:

“What happened to Irony?”

Ai Weiwei, artist and activist

October 28th:

The MTV of yore

Don’t expect to see Ryan Gosling acting at age e 46 

The ‘real’ celebrity photog

October 27th:

The revival of artisanship

Music and the brain

“The Fierce Imagination of Haruki Murakami”

October 21st:

June Thomas on why procedural shows are so gimmicky

Simon Doonan on the fashion of Occupy Wall Street

Constitutional issues in a California artists’ royalties suit

October 20th:

“Talking Literature, Time and Hype with Award Winning Author Jennifer Egan”

A story of a reluctant move to e-readers (“what happened when I abandoned print for pixels”)

5 things learned at NY’s Comic Con this Year


How Steve Jobs “married” tech and art

Steve Jobs’ contribution to design

7 ways Steve Jobs changed visual arts

Salon asks, is L.A. “the new culture capital”?  (that’s just silly, but read about them trying)

Baryshnikov donates his memories

WSJ on “Ballet’s Gritty Inside Story”

LA Times-selected reader summer vacation photos

The 28 most frequently mispronounced fashion words

Ben Brantley discusses “An Eloquence in Groping for Words”

Slate on MOMA’s De Kooning retrospective

Degas-bigger than ballerinas

Ruth Reichl talks about Gilt Taste and the future of food journalism

Salon on HBO and how it revolutionized television

Monday, October 3rd:

“How to make History, Jane Eyre and superheroes funny”

Lose weight-lose the funny?

Arrested Development fans-rejoice!

Is fashion art?

Tuesday, September 27th:

10 fashion trends with longevity

Slate’s “El Cheapo Guide to Culture”

Best fall art exhibitions around the world

TV’s new favorite word (hint: it rhymes with ragina)

Friday, September 23rd:

The LES answer to the High Line

25 best animated films of all time (according to IGN Entertainment)

The Movie Title Stills Collection (this is kind of awesome)

Return of Polish paintings looted by Nazis in World War II

Thursday, September 22nd:

The Daily Beast lists new (off the beaten path) novels for Fall

Why all the fuss about Burning Man?

Bye-Bye R.E.M

Wednesday, September 21st:

In defense of the graphic novel

Salon on Facebook’s new updates-(or “A tale as old as time-angry and confused social media users”)

California, get your culture act together!

Tuesday, September 20th:

This guy really didn’t enjoy the Emmys.  (I kinda liked ’em)

Valerie Frankel wants bestsellers to “drop dead”

How hard is it to get a cartoon into The New Yorker?

NYC couple builds a “boulder” house in Uruguay.  Check it out.  It’s pretty awesome.

Monday, September 19th:

The real Zoolanders

The pioneers of children’s literature

Craziest runway fashions of FW

Writers who don’t read (is it just me or is that really upsetting?)

Friday, September 16th:

Is Fall tv a step back for women?

The legacy of Nirvana/grunge music in Seattle

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Thursday, September 15th:

A blogger writes about the evolution of comedy since the late ’80s

The music of Fashion Week (NY Times)

How do you know you’re in a good restaurant? (Eatocracy-CNN)

The rise of the underground rapper

Wednesday, September 14th:

NY Times on why we read at all (this is really old, but interesting)

Salon on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Ringer” (our own review may be forthcoming once we wait to see if it just has pilotitis (crappy pilot syndrome)

Why do we listen to songs on repeat?

Burning Man Fashions

Tuesday, September 13th:

Slate’s Laura Moser on the “Yogoir” (yoga memoir)

WSJ presents some very “artistic” bookends

The controversial “My Name is Rachel Corrie”

Monday, September 12th:

EW lists the 20 best tv series finales

Slate on the design of the 9/11 memorial

Since this is a sister-run blog…Salon discusses sibling relationships

Friday, September 9th:

Slate’s Jessica Grose weighs in on the women in Fall’s TV lineup

NY times critic on where to eat in nyc

This would be AWESOME for the les mis film

Fashion’s Night Out highlights

Thursday, September 8th:

Bill Wyman of Slate on four must-see “9/11″ films

NY times “Modern Love” essay

These homes are tiny!

Sex-ed has dolls?

Friday, September 2nd:

NYT on fertility naivete  

Slate on the poet Ben Jonson

Salon’s Laura Miller on Errol Morris’ new book

Wednesday, August 31st:

Can I get a six-figure return on my “erotic capital”?

Making broadway accessible to those on the autism spectrum

Why do onions make you cry? (and other kitchen mysteries)

Tuesday, August 30th:

The Golem is the new vampire

Atlantic‘s list of books to look out for

God, I hate (most) reality TV

Slate on Gawker v. Bill O’Reilly

Irene the wedding crasher

Monday, August 29th (the calm after the storm day):

Slate’s Christopher Hitchens on today’s religious politicians: Do they really believe?

The Daily Beast presents best 2011 VMA moments

Hell yeah I’ll make a movie with you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sunday, August 28th (“hurricane” day):

Times Sunday Magazine on Tennis Rivalries, if only for the Andy Samberg photo shoot

Salon asks a few authors what they read this summer

Times Sunday Book Review on the new Wendy Wasserstein biography

Slate on Why Semen Glows in the Dark